Sunburns and Resolutions

Panama City Beach, FL

This past holiday season was different for me. It was a beautiful white Christmas, but not in the traditional sense. Instead of being surrounded by snow, snuggled up by a fire with a cup of hot chocolate admiring the blinking lights of a Christmas trees, I was surrounded by white sand, in shorts, drinking a cold beer with my father and soaking up the sun.  There were no presents to unwrap or children waking up at the crack of dawn full of excitement and ready to see what old St. Nick brought this year.  This year I was given the gift of a sunburn. And I must be honest, it was one of the best presents I have ever received.  I spent 6 days at the beach with my dad crying, laughing, drinking, eating, watching sunsets and taking in the beautiful Florida landscape. 

Here we are – its 2022.  We thought 2022 was going to be our year out of the pandemic and yet no light seems to be seen.  Daily updates to get boosted, more mass shootings and reminders that our world is in peril seem to be the daily norm.  We are all struggling to make sense of the brave new world we are in.  “What in the hell are people thinking!”, my father kept repeating as we watched the daily news.  That question seems to continue being asked at every dinner table around the world….  

The holidays sped by as they always do, not a surprise, but it always feels like it went too quick without enough time.  I don’t know exactly what I needed more time for, maybe time to reflect, maybe another night with my dad to cry and reminisce about family that has passed, maybe time to just sit in silence and dream of a better future and craft a plan to make 2022 my best yet – or at least better than 2021.  The bar is low, hopefully that bodes well for us all.  Despite the frigid Omaha temperatures, I do love this time a year, it’s an opportunity to put the previous year in the rearview and dream big about how to make the new year the best yet and manifest the best version of ourselves.

This year my focus is on two things – balance and healing.  Quite simply, I want to bring more balance into my life. To me that means being intentional about how I spend my energy, who I spend it with and ensuring the ying balances the yang in all aspects of my life.  It is consciously feeling sadness and joy, defeat and hope, loss and fulfillment.  It is the recognition that there is no right or wrong way to feel, but the acknowledgement that each and every feeling we have is part of the magic of being human and all part of the journey.  It is this openness that allows us to not only feel but know that each feeling has a counter feeling. When it is positive lean deeply into that with a big smile and when it’s hard, know that there is light just around the corner as the tears stream down your face.

My other focus this year is healing, both outward and inward. I want to continue to heal myself, but also lean into the healing ability I can bring to others.  Every action we take and word we speak can heal or hurt.  Each of us are healers.  God knows the world needs all of us to bring a little more love and healing into the world. The good news is it’s easy, it can be as simple as a smile, a hello or a covid free hug 🙂

Lasty, one other lesson that resonated on this trip was the notion of space.  Not space as in outer space, space as in more pauses in our day, making time for simple moments to just process.  The monotony of constant buzzing, chirps, news updates, texts, emails and on and on leave us with very little space to process and to be intentional.  We are always reacting to the stimuli around us.  It often feels like the only moments of space happen while taking a shower, it’s no surprise that’s where most people have their best ideas.  It is within those precious moments of space that the balance, healing and inspiration will come.  I encourage us all to pause and allow 2022 to unfold in its most beautiful form.  I wish you all your best year yet as we define 2022 for ourselves, and cocreate a future that brings light and love to all.

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